"The First 8 Days of Being a Mom is a wonderful practical guide for new moms. It's an invaluable resource to tell you what is normal, what to expect and what to do for you and your baby's first days together."

Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, authors of "My Best Birth" and filmmakers of "The Business of Being Born"

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"Love this Book!! This Book was so helpful to my husband and I when we were sleep deprived and needed a quick refresher on what to do. I also love the fact that it's a book that is quick to the point and gives you the most important information. It is so hard to sit down and read some of these mommy to be books that are 300 + pages and they talk in circles. This book was a awesome read and I recommend it to all my new mommies to be!"

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20x what no one tells you about entering into motherhood (really!)

The first days after delivery: a pink cloud, if you have to believe the stories of others. Nothing is closer to the truth. 

Those first days and weeks are just full of merciless suffering.

No one is telling you that:

1. Sleep deprivation

… you manage to build an enormous lack of sleep in those first days, which you won’t be able to recuperate from for the first three years. Are you still alive?

2. HUH?

... a few times a day your are thinking: Good grief, what are you doing here?

3. Nil concentration capabilities

… you are so tired that you have to read the same sentence five times before you have the slightest idea what it’s about.

4. Hunger

… a newborn baby wakes up every 2 and a half hours every night in the first few weeks, because: hunger! Yep, and then you’re in view.

5. Sitting is impossible

… you, in case of sutures, won’t be able to sit normally. Great starting point to breastfeed relaxed.

6. Boo hoo, I can’t stop crying

… you, on the third day, al of a sudden are overtaken by an enormous  wave of crying and you don’t understand why. Get acquainted with the ‘baby blues’.

7. Powder room visits

… the first few days of visiting the powder room feels like a one way ticket to hell. Tip: eat lots and lots of fibers and flush with luke warm water.

 8. Are you alive?

 ... you’re not getting any sleep at all, because all of a sudden there is a bubbly baby bedside and you are checking babies breath every fife minutes. Hello baby, are you still alive?

9. Painful breasts

… your breast are transforming into two painful, swollen balloons. Thrust they call it. The milk factory kicks into gear. Tip: wear a tight bra.

10. Adrenaline

     … you are tight like a stick because of the high levels   adrenaline. Give thanks to all the hormones and emotions running through your veins. And you won’t get a proper eye shut.

11. Milk

… while under the hot shower suddenly your breasts start spraying milk.

12. Pushing and pulling

… getting your baby in the right position to breastfeed is almost like a lesson in advanced mathematics. The lactation specialist:  a little bit to the right, a tiny bit to the left,  yes, now your baby is at the right angle. And latch, auch!

13. Lots of perspiring, lots of it

… you wake up in the middle of the night swimming in your nightgown, hormones are screwing you up. Did you finally manage to fall asleep, now this.

14. and more perspiring

… your hormones do the same trick during the day which means more hot flashes.

15. Eye bags

… your eye bags, the last weeks before delivery they were already building up quite considerably, but now they are deeper, darker and thicker. And:

16. Tip: Eye crème

.. you better get yourself acquainted before you pop with a darn good eye crème and concealer.

17. Visitors

… there are visitors that, although you have just delivered an epic achievement , expect you’re entertaining with food and beverages.

18. Take too long

… those same visitors stay with ease for two hours all the while you’re falling over from exhaustion, your breasts are leaking and all you are trying is to change positions because of those darn sutures down below.

19. Going outside

… the first trip outside of your house with the baby feels like an  Olympic achievement. You are hardly out the door when you start sweating. Those colors, those sounds – everything hits you like a hammer.

20. Avoid large crowds

… for the same reason as above, don’t think you will like a Target on a Saturday afternoon as your first out of the house endeavor. Even though you were convinced you needed another pack of hydrophilic diapers. 


It’s a phase

Are you in your last term and thinking: what on earth did I sign up for? Don’t worry, it’s a phase.  And who knows you are the exception to the rule and you: don’t feel those physical inconveniences, have a baby that sleeps through the night on day two, and are in the lucky possession of Zen hormones.

Moreover: there are at least as many reasons to believe why the first weeks after delivery are wonderful and pretty special. 


You need help; the newborn and new mom manual is here for you.

Everyone could use a little guidance and affirmation you are doing the right thing. The practical manual The First 8 Days of Being a Mom is just that. An easy to use and read guide on what to do on those first days after delivery.

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After the Birth, what a family needs - by Gloria Lemay

“Let me know if I can help you in any way when the baby is born.” … “Just let me know if you need a hand.” … “Anything I can do, just give me a call.” Most pregnant women get these statements from friends and family but shy away from making requests when they are up to their ears in dirty laundry, unmade beds, dust bunnies and countertops crowded with dirty dishes. The myth of “I’m fine, I’m doing great, new motherhood is wonderful, I can cope and my husband is the Rock of Gibraltar” is pervasive in postpartum land. If you’re too shy to ask for help and make straight requests of people, I suggest sending the following list out to your friends and family. These are the things I have found to be missing in every house with a new baby. It’s actually easy and fun for outsiders to remedy these problems for the new parents but there seems to be a lot of confusion about what’s wanted and needed…

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