"The First 8 Days of Being a Mom is a wonderful practical guide for new moms. It's an invaluable resource to tell you what is normal, what to expect and what to do for you and your baby's first days together."

Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, authors of "My Best Birth" and filmmakers of "The Business of Being Born"

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"Love this Book!! This Book was so helpful to my husband and I when we were sleep deprived and needed a quick refresher on what to do. I also love the fact that it's a book that is quick to the point and gives you the most important information. It is so hard to sit down and read some of these mommy to be books that are 300 + pages and they talk in circles. This book was a awesome read and I recommend it to all my new mommies to be!"

Erica Darensbourg, 5 stars on

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Are you ready for your newborn? And is your dog?

In ‘Pregnant on heels’, a popular tv series, Maternity Coach Rosie Pope checks expectant parents in a new mommie questionnaire if the couple is ready for their newborn. The clientele is certainly not representative but the questions are! Do you know if you are/were ready for your newborn? 

What about these questions?

Normally a baby:

  1. Gains weight after their first feeding
  2. Loses weight the first few days
  3. Stays on his/her birth weight for at least a week

Physically a new mom can expect:

  1. To perspire a lot more, especially at night
  2. To feel unpleasant cramp-like contractions in the uterus
  3. To lose a lot more blood then during a normal period
  4. None of the above
  5. All of the above

You can find the answers in The First 8 Days of Being a Mom. But that’s something you probably already knew. But did you know about this. 

Dogs & Storks

New and expecting families with dogs also often have unique questions about how to prepare and include their dog before and once baby has arrived. Some of the questions most commonly asked are these:  

Will our dog be jealous?

How do we introduce our dog to the new baby?  

Will our dog adjust to this new life?    

What if our dog does not accept the baby?  

Should we play baby sounds, carry a doll?

Siblings have a class and it only makes sense that parents with dogs have a class to support their success as well. All too often families become overwhelmed and feel that they have no other option than to surrender their dog to a shelter. The Dogs & Storks goal is to decrease stress in the home and increase safety and fun so that dogs can happily remain in their homes while the family grows.  

Dogs & Storks has been supporting new and expectant families since 2002 in the U.S. and Canada. Offering positive, practical and affordable resources for families with dogs. They have licensed presenters who are qualified dog professionals that have chosen to specialize in the niche of new and expecting families.   Dogs & Storks knows how much you love your dog/s and how complicated things can become once a baby arrives.  It is with this in mind that they have created short monthly webinars that meet the needs of new parents. Check out the educational webinars for new & expectant families with dogs at!

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Win a 'Bun in the Oven' T-Shirt


The First 8 Days is teaming up with Damo Momo and offering one lucky winner a cute and cozy Bun in the Oven T-shirt.  Damo Momo designs bright and cheerful shirts and dresses for babies, children and women that are handcrafted with eco-friendly bamboo blends, organic cottons and dyes.  While bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, odor resistant and antibacterial, it also absorbs moisture, insulates and protects wearers from harmful UV rays.  Most importantly, its soft, silky texture remains that way wash after wash making Damo Momo's clothes unique, extremely comfortable and utterly sustainable. 

Damo Momo is a Laguna Beach-based mother-daughter company, owned by Ann and Dagmarette Yen, that was born when Dagmarette's (aka Damo) sisters became pregnant. Her sisters were disheartened about the maternity wear available in stores so Dagmarette determined that the solution was to design and sew high quality and fashionable maternity wear for them herself. Influenced by the casual, eco-friendly style of sunny California, as well as by the quality and innovation of London tailoring, Dagmarette created a stylish maternity clothing line. 

Every aspect of the Damo Momo line, from the fabric to the dyeing and printing process, is made from renewable resources and is environmentally friendly. Damo Momo is manufactured locally in Los Angeles, California.

To enter to win, simply let us know in what colors are the Bun in the Oven shirts available and which color would look best on you via or on our The First 8 Days Facebook page or tweet.  


A party near you!

The Baby Planner is no longer simply what expecting moms need nor an honorable profession to pursue, it is now a gloriously reviewed novel by author Josie Brown.  This entertaining fictional account of an in-the-know baby planner follows her through the trials and tribulations of her professional and personal life as well as all points in between.   In celebration of the release, baby planners all over the country are throwing the ultimate parents’ parties.  Ms. Brown will actually be on hand to share passages from her book.  

Attendees will also see demonstrations focused on nurturing the well-being of mommy and child.  Swag will be provided by Sprout Organic Baby Food, EcoStoreUSA, Kiwi Parenting Magazine, Mother's Milk Tea, Shaklee Products, Spiffies Baby Toothwipes and Art Bellies.

There will also be drawings for prizes including a copy of The First 8 Days of Being a Mom, GoMamaGo Designs's Wonder Bumpers, Beaba USA (BabyCook, Gift Bag, Cook Book, and Multi-Portion Set), Shaklee Products  from Beth Duris of GoodCleanLiving, The Happiest Baby on the Block Books and Parenting Programs from Dr. Karp, Art Bellies and Prince Lionheart.

Go to to see when Josie will arrive at a location near you.


Why the first 8 days?

Why not the first 12 days or month or even the first year of being a mom? We’ve heard that question a lot. And we understand why. So let’s lay it out on the table short and simple: Because that’s how we like it. “A good start is half the work,” is a rough translation of an old Irish proverb. Knowing what you are up for before you dive in is ...

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Interview with Birth2Work Radio - Supporting Families

By Elaine V Scott - Host of Birth2WorkRadio

What is the value added of a family to a community? Why make choices and allocate funds to support them? Of what value is an employee, satisfied with their work/home balance and so able to provide for their kids? Why, on Birth2Work Radio, a program for and about Community Stakeholder Leaders in business, government, health, media, education, and non-profits, do we devote multiple programs to discussing the birth process, maternity care and family bonding? It's because, like businesses around the world that have invested in flexible work schedules, offered extended maternity leave at full pay, and nearby childcare (see media link #1 below), we see the big picture. Substantial demographic changes in developed countries around the world – rising life expectancy and low birth rates – have set the stage for catastrophic economic failures in the very near future. Stakeholders, policy makers, and business owners be forewarned: What is the value added of a family to a community? Individually? Not too much. Collectively? Invaluable.

Last week, it was a privilege to bring you our conversation with Suzanne Arms, on the importance of the birth process. This week on Birth2Work Radio, we move into discussing the time immediately after the baby is born. How is it cared for? How is the mother cared for? How is the family supported by the community, business leaders and policy makers? Our guest for this program is Gea Meijering, translator and editor of The First 8 Days of Being a Mom, founder of iCare Press, and a mother of two sons.

Supporting Families - The Hows and Whys of Helping Families Succeed in the Developed World

with Gea Meijering, translator and editor of The First 8 Days of Being a Mom

Listen to Birth2Work Radio


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