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"The First 8 Days of Being a Mom is a wonderful practical guide for new moms. It's an invaluable resource to tell you what is normal, what to expect and what to do for you and your baby's first days together."

Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, authors of "My Best Birth" and filmmakers of "The Business of Being Born"

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"Love this Book!! This Book was so helpful to my husband and I when we were sleep deprived and needed a quick refresher on what to do. I also love the fact that it's a book that is quick to the point and gives you the most important information. It is so hard to sit down and read some of these mommy to be books that are 300 + pages and they talk in circles. This book was a awesome read and I recommend it to all my new mommies to be!"

Erica Darensbourg, 5 stars on

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Pink cloud or black box? Postpartum Confessions

Danielle’s raw postpartum Facebook post prompts others to share their experiences. 

The days immediately following the birth of a new baby are magical and sweet, but if we’re honest, they’re also really damn difficult. That’s why it’s so inspiring to see one Arizona mom putting it all out there about those first few days postpartum and how challenging they really are.

On Sept. 12, Haines posted a photo of herself, taken three days after she gave birth to her son Ocean in November 2014. In the photo, she's on the verge of tears, shirtless and cradling her baby against her chest. 

Danielle 3 days after delivery

In the caption for the emotional photo, Haines writes, "I was so raw and so open, I was a fucking mess. I loved my baby, I missed his daddy (he went back to work that day), I was mad at my mom, my heart hurt for my brother because my mom left us and now I had a little boy that looked like him, my nipples were cracked and bleeding, my milk was almost in, my baby was getting really hungry, I was feeling sad that people kill babies, like on purpose, I had not slept since I went into labor, I didn't know how to put my boobs away, my vagina was sore from sitting on it while nursing constantly, I was kinda loosing my mind." 

Haines goes on to recognize, in the Facebook post, the wonderful support she received from female friends and relatives in those early days.

She also invites other moms to share their immediate postpartum experiences.

Postpartum Confessions



Birthful podcasts for new families

Available for free on iTunes - Adriana Lozada's Birthful Podcasts.

From Adriana:
"Women get bombarded with all sorts of advice on maternity; a lot of it unsolicited, and often outdated or just plain incorrect. The goal of The Birthful Podcast is to distill that information down to the relevant stuff. Think of Birthful as your own specialized team of birth pros. 
We know that being pregnant can be tough. That being a mom can be hard. And we hope to make it easier by giving you tried and tested tips and tools that you can use. 
From “laid-back” breastfeeding to safer bed-sharing, circumcision to VBACs, we’ll give you well-researched, evidence-based information so YOU can make the choices that best fit your family." 
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Adriana Lozada is a mom, author, speaker, birth doula, postpartum educator, and healthy-sleep consultant. Find more about her and The Birthful Podcast at

Adriana Lozada


THE 15 Photos you MUST take of Your Baby

So funny. I think I almost did make all of these pictures with my little one. Capturing baby's everyday life in the most precious (and hilarious) ways. Red Tricycle collected example pictures. Have fun with it and share because we like to see your little gremlins too.

# 7. Sitting next to (or even inside!) the most ginormous pumping ever. 

# 3 Making their first stink face
# 6 Cozying up with the incredible shrinking plush
# 13 Wearing oversized sunglasses like a rock star


Birth Wisdom - Join the conversation

Birth Wisdom calls on birth and holistic health experts to share their wisdom through FREE online lectures and articles focused on birth and holistic health. Published by Birth Institute, the weekly educational blog covers a wide range of topics for birth professionals and new mothers alike  — from modalities of complementary and alternative medicine to why empowered birth is critical for the future of our families, communities and planet. Follow Birth Wisdom to stay in the loop with the current conversation!