"The First 8 Days of Being a Mom is a wonderful practical guide for new moms. It's an invaluable resource to tell you what is normal, what to expect and what to do for you and your baby's first days together."

Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, authors of "My Best Birth" and filmmakers of "The Business of Being Born"

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"Love this Book!! This Book was so helpful to my husband and I when we were sleep deprived and needed a quick refresher on what to do. I also love the fact that it's a book that is quick to the point and gives you the most important information. It is so hard to sit down and read some of these mommy to be books that are 300 + pages and they talk in circles. This book was a awesome read and I recommend it to all my new mommies to be!"

Erica Darensbourg, 5 stars on

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Gea Meijering

Translator and editor of The First 8 Days of Being a Mom and founder of iCare Press.

Gea Meijering gave birth to two sons on two different continents within twenty months. While going through that, she discovered that maternity care and recovery was organized totally different in the United States as compared to the Netherlands. Actually she was amazed that most new moms in the U.S. are on their own again very soon after their delivery. No time to recuperate from the delivery, or to learn and get used to the newborn. And no one to teach them the tricks of the trade. In the Netherlands every new mom gets a specialized nurse at home for the first 8 days after delivery.

Gea realized that the Dutch approach she experienced with her oldest son was very special. And that the book she used then, and used again the second time, would be a great help to all the moms in the US, as it was for her. It took her some time because she was busy with diapers, park days, painting, Spanish, and other very important stuff being new mom. But she is proud to announce the birth of The First 8 Days of Being a Mom.

And while in the process of making the book she discovered that publishing it herself would give her much more flexibility. Gea founded iCare Press, LLC to realize her goal and get this valuable information available to new moms in the US.

The past 10+ years Gea has lived in the US busy with her mommy career. That gradually evolved from nursing to applying band-aids to volunteering in the classroom to starting up her own company. She grew up in the Netherlands, obtained a bachelor degree in tourism and recreation studies and worked as a marketing professional for more then 10 years at a national insurance company and international bank.

She moved to the US together with her husband for his new job.

Gea takes painting classes to satisfy her artistic drive, loves to travel and tries to work out on a regular basis. But most importantly she is committed to steering her two children through childhood, with bumps and bruises, laughs and joy along the way.


Melissa Sherman Pearl

Editor of The First 8 Days of Being a Mom

Melissa Sherman Pearl is the mother of two beautiful daughters. Though she met Gea Meijering shortly after joining the local MOMS Club chapter when her first daughter was not even a year, it wasn't until that same daughter, who by that time had a little sister, started pre-school with Gea’s son that Gea first mentioned her terrific plan. Melissa then told Gea that she was a writer and would love to edit once the translation was done. It was time for women to have access to something this simple to help demystify those first critical days.

A regular contributor to California Homes Magazine, Melissa began her career in the entertainment industry working in both syndicated and network television. Her work has been featured in Frommer’s California for Dummies, Luxe, Simply Smart, Beach Houses, and The Orange County Annual Edition, amongst others. Additionally, she enjoys her roster of private clients for whom she creates P.R. copy and marketing collateral in a broad range of fields ranging from fitness, real estate, design, and home businesses. Freelance has been key in her search to finding the right balance as her most important and fulfilling role is that of mom. Sure, sometimes it’s frustrating, but at the end of the day, it’s the little hugs and kisses that inspire. And boy, howdy do they.


Kris Bagiu

Midwife and reviewer of The First 8 Days of Being a Mom

Kris Bagiu is a graduate of the National College of Midwifery and credentialed as a Certified Professional Midwife by the North American Registry of Midwives. She is licensed to practice as a midwife by the
Medical Board of California. Based out of Newport Beach, she provides home birth services to families in and around Orange County. You can visit her website at



Mona Saint, M.D.

Ob-Gyn and reviewer of The First 8 Days of Being a Mom

Mona Saint M.D., M.P.H. is a board certified Ob/Gyn and works part time in private practice in Orange County, CA and is a busy mother of three. She loves her career and feels privileged to spend time with women during the most pivotal times of their lives. She enjoys discussing with patients, family and friends their important health questions and the latest health news and is the creator of the women’s health newsletter and website What Women Want to Know. Her newsletter provides the latest women’s health news and answers reader’s important questions in a light and friendly manner. Dr. Saint has written many medical publications including articles in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Journal of Contraception and is a frequent medical text book reviewer in the areas of Ob/Gyn, sexual medicine, infertility, and enjoyed helping review this book about motherhood!

She loves both of her careers as a physician and mom and integrates them both into her perspectives. In her down time she loves spending time with the family at the beach, socializing with family and friends, and loves cooking, wine, reading, shopping, and absolutely loves ice cream!

You can visit her website at: